Attending a MAC Expo!

Our regional trade shows make it easy for decision makers and key staff members to attend and take advantage of quality events right in their backyards - saving you valuable time and money! 

At the center of every MAC Expo you’ll discover unique opportunities to help improve your business.  From original ideas to new products & suppliers, from spot-on educational sessions to networking with the people in the know, from exposure to trends in the marketplace to new resources you never knew existed and so much more.

Below are ten benefits of attending a MAC Expo:

  1. Gain Knowledge of new trends, products & resources
  2. Support your business by stimulating new ideas
  3. Meet professionals you can learn from
  4. Find out – what the competition is up to
  5. Expose yourself to new opportunities
  6. Take in the educational sessions and learn
  7. Get answers right away from industry professionals
  8. See firsthand new products coming to market
  9. Check out potential new suppliers & vendors in a neutral setting
  10. Promote your brand be visible sometimes opportunities will find you