Attend a Mac Expo

Why Attend a MAC Expo Landscape Trade Show

MAC Expo landscaping trade shows focus on the Green Industry in its entirety, and include vital information, products and educational resources for the professional landscaper, hardscaper and plant dealer.

Why Attend a MAC Expo Furniture Market

No matter which region your MAC Expo furniture trade show focuses on, all of our Markets offer you these unique benefits as an attendee. And remember, admission for retailers is FREE! Just register and sign in to take advantage of everything. Markets are open to the TRADE ONLY!

Discover Fresh Ideas

MAC Expos’ Events are synergy in action.


Furniture Markets

Local furniture retailers stay on top of trends by learning what’s up and coming from the design studios and what’s hot on the test markets. Likewise, through new and renewed face-to-face meetings at exhibits, and by listening to accomplished guest speakers, America’s top manufacturers get an ear to the ground so they can fine-tune their upholstery and their offerings to what’s right for your customers—whether they’re based in the Northeast, Florida or Southern California.


Total Pro Expo

Our big landscaping-industry trade show—the Total Pro Expo—every January in Edison, NJ is already revolutionizing how business owners, key people, and their support staff make first contact with their own area’s top suppliers and servicing companies. This time savings, gathering the Northeast’s landscaping, nursery, and hardscape leaders under one roof, saves you money as well. And when you’re here, you’ll be exposed to new ideas to help improve your landscaping company’s business by discovering novel ways to increase business.


Uncover Solutions to Daily Challenges

Think of MAC Expo trade shows as a more productive and useful version of your college-dorm bull sessions, and with much more comfortable accommodations! Tap the brains of the country’s leading furniture or landscaping brands, as well as retail chains and family businesses, to reach the customers you know are out there. The accumulated knowledge of your industry is yours for the using, if you attend a MAC Expo event!


Develop New Relationships

Maybe you haven’t yet met the right suppliers or service businesses for you. Or perhaps there are new players in the business you need to know. MAC Expos Trade Shows are all about forging new connections to make the furniture and landscaping industries in America all the wiser and stronger.


Industry Networking: Our Forte

Often, who you know is just as important to you personally and to your business as the quality of your products and services. That’s why, back before we had the Internet, MAC Expos Trade Shows came to be. Nobody else literally affords you the quality “face time” our furniture and landscaping trade shows do. The days will fly by as you make one crucial contact after the next. So, the next time you need a new product or service, your new MAC Expo friend will be there for you.


Relevant and On-Target Educational Sessions

Continuing education is another time-tested avenue to staying on top in the furniture and landscaping businesses. MAC Expos offer you cost-effective, convenient opportunities to win at the knowledge game from landscaping certifications to digital advertising tools, metrics, and strategies you'll need to succeed in the 21st century.

Sounds good? Then be sure to sign up for your next regional MAC Expo!