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What It’s Like: Attending a MAC Expo

By attending your area’s MAC Expo furniture or landscaping trade event, first of all, congratulations on saving a lot of time and money! Our expos’ quality events and concentration of decision-makers are invaluable in themselves; and everyone’s eager to speak with you! If you tried to re-create the MAC Expo experience throughout the year, a la carte, it would put most businesses in the red. Our furniture and landscaping trade shows field the industry’s all-stars to play right in your backyard.

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Meeting the Industry Experts and New Prospects

Try sitting down on the next season’s hot furniture or landscaping trend. Learn from a media guru how to win at your digital retail strategy. Meet prospective new suppliers and vendors in a friendly, neutral setting. Need an answer from a reliable source about a rumor that’s circulating? Industry leaders are at MAC Expos to give them to you, right away! MAC Expos’ Markets give you the personal contacts you need to smooth your way into new products and practices, and the insights to succeed with them.

Make or renew friendships with your industry’s top professionals, exchange ideas, and impart a thing or two in the process. Attending a MAC Expo is a perfect way to passively gather intel: find out what your local competition is up to, by remaining incognito when you want to—just by listening and taking notes!

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Retailers: Get In On the Next Big Thing in Furniture
Local store owners, when you come to a MAC Expos regional furniture trade show, not only will you match a face with the brands you and your customers rely on, but you’ll enhance communications across your industry. Check out the latest design trends to gauge next season’s hot seller before your competitors do. Learn new products inside and out before they appear on your floor. As the latest products make their way from the design studios and fashion centers of New York to the smartphones of shoppers in your area, your business will be ready, while other stores are still waiting to learn about the next big thing.
Never miss a chance to improve yourself, your brand and your business. MAC Expo trade shows offer attendees opportunities for enrichment through continuing education, from dynamic guest speakers, to seminars that’ll seed ideas and stimulate you.
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The Value of Our Furniture & Landscaping Trade Shows

You can read all about the furniture or landscaping industry’s latest technologies, innovative products, and new trends from your phone or laptop. But the most effective way to learn is to do; to experience something for yourself.

In-person exposure and opportunities are priceless. Walking the exhibit floor of a MAC Expo and going to presentations and classes face-to-face gives you more than information; it gives you knowledge and the confidence to apply it.

Opportunities to Brand and Inform Your Business

Branding is often the difference that spells success. When customers ask for YOU specifically, you have arrived. By attending MAC Expos’ Events, you fly your banner high so industry movers and shakers will remember you.