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 How to Make the Most of Your MAC Expos Experience

No two landscaping or furniture trade shows are alike. But in MAC Expos’ three decades of organizing and bringing businesses together, we and our attendees have learned a few things worth sharing with the industry—guaranteeing you a successful and enjoyable market experience.

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1. Why Do You Want to Be Here?

Step one is goal-setting. Have you got a new product you’re itching to introduce to the commercial landscape or home furniture world? Hoping to increase and improve the quality of your leads; teach or educate yourself in the latest industry developments? Maybe you’d like to strengthen the relationships you’ve already cultivated. Be sure your goals are both measurable and realistic.

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2. Know Your Audience

Sure, veterans of the landscape and furniture industry are savvy and knowledgeable, but the world is always changing.

Don’t be left behind. Some intelligence-gathering from retailers and buyers you already know can go a LONG way in creating new contacts at your MAC Expos Market.

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3. Be Ready for the Spotlight

It’s exciting but stressful to be on display for hours and hours on end. A little planning goes a long way at a MAC Expo furniture market or landscaping trade show. Decide which new products and services you want to promote. Once you’ve done your research, design a visually appealing exhibit—one that’s easy for a passerby to understand at a glance. And that means uncluttered. Large yet simple signs with attention-grabbing headlines do most of your preliminary work on the exhibit floor.

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4. Amp Up Your Charisma

You and your teammates can have some real fun at a MAC Expo. Before the start of your furniture or landscaping trade show, boost the morale of your crew with some helpful reminders and even a bit of practice, focused on being upbeat, succinct, and informative.

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5. Pick Your Promotions

Green Industry events and furniture trade shows are a golden opportunity for your Sales & Marketing, yet many don’t realize that. When you exhibit at a MAC Expos Trade Show, think about how you’ll achieve success, before and afterward. Pick and plan for three categories of campaigns: pre-show, at-show, and post-show.

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6. Be Proactive

Before the big day arrives, reach out to desired prospects and invite them to stop by and see you at your trade show exhibit.

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7. Take Good Notes

Don’t squander the potential of your prospects. Utilize lead forms to gather vital information for Sales & Marketing about everyone you meet on the floor.

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8. Never Forget Good Follow-Up

Your staff must contact new prospects within two business days of a MAC Expo furniture market or landscape trade show (but don’t bank on Fridays!).