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The Secret Behind Attending Your MAC Expo Market

What’s the trick to attending a MAC Expo furniture fair or landscaping trade show? Plan ahead! Luckily, you’re in the right place. Now save time by registering online.

Second, of course, be open to new ideas, products, and services. What was surefire in landscaping or the furniture world 20 years ago simply won’t hold today.

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Set Realistic Goals

Ask yourself what you hope to achieve from this MAC Expo Market. It’s wiser to have five planned goals and meet half of them than to show up ill-prepared and fail to reach even one. Networking? Informal interviewing to hire a new supplier? Valuable information about the competition? Continuing education credits? All doable — if you prepare.

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Map Out Your Plan

Once you’ve determined your objectives for this MAC Expo, now it’s time to map out your plan. Check your local MAC Expo Market website (see this site’s home page for links) to find out when and exactly where at the expo you can fulfill each part of your plan: who’s exhibiting, which sessions are available, etc. You can view a full list of exhibitors and guest speakers before a show starts.

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The No. 1 Reason to Attend

For 30 years MAC Expos has been linking businesses the good old-fashioned way: NETWORKING! Make sure this is part of your winning furniture or landscaping trade show itinerary. Make sure you and your staff are well stocked with business cards so you don’t run out mid-show. You’ll be handing out a lot of these if you plan accordingly.

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Beat the Crowds

MAC Expos Markets are so popular they’re the biggest regional gathering of furniture manufacturers and retailers. Arrive early so you can see as many exhibits as you want to, unencumbered by throngs of other attendees. Many of our attendees already know each other and plan to meet, so schedule your own meetings with partners, guests and prospects well in-advance.

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It’s Social, and It’s Also Work

Absolutely be on top of your game socially. Stay relaxed and outgoing, because you never know who you’ll meet at these furniture fairs and landscaping expos. But remember, you are working at this MAC Expo Market, so take it seriously.

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How Not to Miss Anything

When in doubt, if there is literature, pick it up, in case there is an exhibit you don’t have time or crowd space to absorb in detail. You may need their information anyway.