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Make Vital Connections: Exhibit YOUR Business at MAC Expos Events!


Even with all our instant electronic communication, nothing beats “face time” and trying out product samples for real. That’s why MAC Expos’ trade shows have become America’s No. 1 regional furniture trade shows and the Northeast’s largest Green Industry Event for the Green Industry — a must-see for people working in the landscape industry. The business opportunities we provide through new sales, lead generation and networking opportunities are a cost-effective means of building your business. Moreover, unlike a “one-product-or-pitch-fits-all” approach of a national show, MAC Expos furniture or landscaping shows empower you by zeroing in on what works in your part of the country.

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Manufacturers and Suppliers: Put Your Products in the Spotlight


All of you on the manufacturing end of the home furniture or landscaping industry are confident your products have “the right stuff” for successful sales. Sure, sales representatives are reaching out to customers, helping you through conversions. But in your marketing strategy, how are you making yourself known to buyers in different regions? Exhibit at our events to gain major exposure. Listen to the sales pros “on the front lines”—they’ll tell you what they need from you. And by setting up an awesome exhibit and physically shaking hands with your customers, you’ll make a much stronger and more positive impression than even the best-worded email or the flashiest website.

So take a bulk of the guesswork out of selling. MAC Expos has done the hard work for you by organizing awesome venues where you can meet, mingle and share vital info with other experts in your industry. We set the stage: how much you use it by exhibiting at our furniture markets and landscaping trade shows is entirely up to you!


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Face-to-face selling is a leading marketing tool

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